Major League Hacking 2019 Hackathon Season

Royal Hackaway 2019

02 February 2019, 12:00:00 PM
Windsor Building, on Campus

An exciting 24 hour hackathon, for students from any university.

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Royal Hackaway is Royal Holloway's annual hackathon.
Open to university students from the UK and around the world, in this 24 hour hackathon you'll work as a group to build a project. You'll pick up new skills, try out new tech, and meet new people. This is our second time running this event, and we're excited to create a more inclusive and rewarding event for all.

We'll reveal more information such as the schedule and our exciting plans soon.



Answers to some frequently asked questions.

What's a hackathon?

A hackathon is best described as an “invention marathon”. Anyone who has an interest in technology attends a hackathon to learn, build ∧ share their creations over the course of a weekend in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. You don’t have to be a programmer and you certainly don’t have to be majoring in Computer Science.

Do you do travel reimbursements?

Unfortunately we don't have the sponsorship to cover this :(

Who can attend?

Any student currently enrolled on a university degree programme can attend. Unfortunately, due to insurance requirements, we won't be able to accept under 18s this year.

How much does it cost?

0, nothing, null, void. Royal Hackaway is free to attend with everything provided by our super sponsors!

What's the deal with food?

We'll provide you with food across the weekend free of charge. Please make sure you let us know of any dietry requirements.

Can I stay overnight?

You'll be able to work overnight in the venue. You might want to bring stuff like sleeping bags and we will have a relaxation area for you to crash out.

Who owns my project?

You and your team! We, and our sponsors, don't claim any rights to your IP - you are free to do as you wish with it. It would be cool if you put your code on an online repository, like GitHub but you are under no obligation to do so.

Can I start before I arrive?

While you can explore ideas, you cannot write a line of code for your project before the event itself.

What shall I bring?

Bring your laptop, charger(s) and any other devices you wish to work on at the hackathon. If you are staying overnight, you will also need to bring toiletries, and a sleeping bag or blanket and pillow.

Questions, queries or qualms about this event?

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